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  • Member: Decoy
  • Studio: Decoy Ops
  • Title: Kenshin's Technique Beat
  • Premiered: 2004-10-02
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  • Song:
    • Overseer Super Moves
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  • Comments: This AMV is one of a few i'm going to make. To my knowledge no one has made an AMV that combines footage and text when it comes to the display of an action [i.e. A technique being preformed and the name of that technique appearing in the form of a upper or sub title].

    The idea of a Kenshin AMV showcasing the most well known technique's of the important and most loved characters in the series had been brewing in my head for a long time. The thing was I didn’t have a song so I was kinda stuck, until I heard Supermoves from Overseer. I had my song!

    I wish I could add a tab to the category thats titled "educational", this AMV will teach any new comer to RK the fundamental technique's used by the characters. Whenever technique’s are preformed a sub or uppertitle will appear to say the name of technique thats being used.

    The AMV is Damn FLASHY and fast paced [as is a lot of scenes flicker fast]! I had some inspiration from Eternal Damnation and Toushi [ Which are also fast paced AMV’s ]
    The song is very beaty [if there is such a word] I used almost every single beat to show a different scene.
    It took me 5 days with 6 hours a day just to sync the song. [I have a roundabout way of editing; first I sync every beat and sound in the song with numbers and text, then I add the actual footage] Then in about a month and a half of on and off editing [school got in the way, especially exams] I finished my AMV!

    Ok … Just to clear something up for all die hard RK fans. I love Kenshin [It’s in my top five], I couldn’t fit every single fight of the first 2 seasons in the AMV, so only the most important fights where the most techniques were used was put in, so please forgive if some of your personal favs weren’t edited in.

    The fights that were selected are:
    Kenshin VS. Jinei, Aoshi [1st encounter] and Raijuta – First season.
    Kenshin VS. Saito, Cho, where Hiko trains Kenshin, Aoshi VS. Okina.
    Then the 4 Big boys before K vs. S:
    Sano VS. Anji, Saito VS. Usui, Kenshin VS. Aoshi [2nd Encounter] and
    Kenshin VS. Sojiro.

    Finally its Kenshin VS Shishio in a grand Finale

    Hope you guys and girls enjoy the AMV, and don’t die of an epileptic seizure. ;)

    Ps. U might wanna turn the gamma or brightness of your media player a bit up, as some of the fights are a bit dark.

    Codec used: Xvid

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