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  • Member: Allen_Schezar
  • Title: Death of Hope..........?
  • Premiered: 2001-12-28
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  • Song:
    • Fear Factory Ressurection
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  • Comments: This is probably my favorite video ever. It took about 30 hours of straight work to do and it was a pain. This was LONG before I got a capture card so i had to make do with clips I could find on the new about 3 years ago. 30 hours is a really long time to listen to the same song all in a row. And to think.............I'm still not tired of it ^_^. This vid is a Sailor Moon vid done to the Fear Factory song "Ressurection". It is my favorite song of all time so of course i like the video. It is my second vid and again I had some Premiere problems. I got ambitious and made the screen size WAY too big. So I started making the video clips way too big and then i shrunk them down again because I realized that I was insane. This does not make for great picture quality. But any Sailor Moon or Fear Factory fans should really like this one. I havent found anyone to really complain about anything but the quality yet. This was another one that I did a long time ago before anime music vids were popular.

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