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  • Member: Machine
  • Studio: MindWarp Entertainment
  • Title: VASH : The Desperado
  • Premiered: 2004-09-25
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    • Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas Cancion Del Mariachi
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  • Comments: This is My MASTERS video for 2004.

    As always, every single year, I always try to come up with something original and meaningful for my Masters videos. My first MASTERS video was Alternate Realtiy (Horror Genre). Then came Drunk With Love (Romance Genre). And now, comes the third Masters video, Vash : The Desperado (Comedy/Action Genre)

    I remember sitting on a bench with Wonka at Ushicon 3 and telling him about this Desperado/Trigun idea I had and wanted to make this EPIC music video to it. Wonka loved the idea and said that would be a great video to make. Trailers mimc movies, but Wonka and I had never actually seen a music video take a good chunk of a movie out and use it as an Anime Music Video.

    I was motivated and kept the idea in my head for the next few months. Once the college year was over, I was finally able to make this video over the summer break. I watched Desperado again and did nothing but edit the Trigun episdoes for two solid weeks.

    I was currently working at the Univision26 TV station as one of their Digital Editors, so I always had tie to work on my video since I was there for a good 8-10 hours a day (I brought my computer from home and that was their digital editing machine). Since most of the reporters were always out shooting their stories and editing there packages only took like an hour or so to make, I always had alto of spare time at this job and would make myself edit whenver I could.

    The final end result?

    An Anime Music Video with a 6 minute introduction and 2:30 minute music video with one of the best spanish songs ever made. Yes, the entire video is 8:33 seconds. I was damn proud of it.

    And I believe it's one of the only bi-lingual Anime Music Videos ever made. So what are you waiting for? Go Check it out!

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