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  • Member: himemiya
  • Studio: Shapeshifter Studios
  • Title: DDR Project 5th Mix - Track 13 (Himemiya Cut)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-30
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • DDR 5th Mix Seventeen
  • Anime:
  • Comments: (Updated January 19, 2005: Changed links to reflect new hosting and new studio. Solunar.)

    I was asked by Hsien (kusoyaro) to take over this track after it was dropped.. So I had about a month to complete it, admidst personal turmoil and emotional trauma.. ^_^ Naturally then, I made this a comedic video.. which is extremely naughty.

    Well, I went to Hsien and asked "Is it okay to have two blowjobs, humping, and a boob shot in my video?" and he was like "You're not serious, are you?" Hm.. Not a good sign.

    Therefore, a spark of inspiration (i.e. Tenjou) motivated me to create a Hsien-itized (sanitized) version that would be clean enough to be put into the project..

    This would be the "dirty" version.. ^^;

    You may download the clean version here

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