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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: DDR4 Track 23: Share My Love
  • Premiered: 2004-09-25
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    • DDR 5th Mix Share My Love
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  • Comments: With all the excitement and changeovers in tracks for DDR this year, I ended up with Track 23, "Share my Love" by (I believe) Julie Frost, over the course of Otakon. Share my Love isn't exactly the highest energy song or what most people think of as DDR music- but it's still not too bad of a track to have to do. Listening through it, it should likely come as no surprise to those who know me decently well that I chose Urusei Yatsura as my main video source for it. The song really doesn't lend itself too lots of flashy effects- so the UY portion of the video is almost entirely straight cuts and cross-fades. Unfortunately, UY footage is not the greatest in quality (much of it being over 20 years old), and the encoding job AnimEigo did on it is far, far from impressive. Still, I think I managed to get it to look fairly decent.

    Early on, I realized that the beginning section (the first 20-30 seconds of the track) was going to be somewhat annoying. It really didn't match up with the rest, and was more of a 'bridge' between the previous track and Share my Love than a part of the song. I thought of a few things I could do with UY for it- but it seemed like it would be a bit out of place with what I was planning for the actual song. So, I decided to go with my usual solution: Afro Kens. Everybody loves cute dogs with Afros. Therefore, Afro Ken + DDR = Gold! Or, something. Sadly, I think doing the effects for the much shorter Afro Ken segment took more editing time than did the UY section.:p Still, I think it was worth it and it turned out well. Getting the DDR pad oriented properly and such for the camera fly-around was probably the most difficult thing to do- and I still didn't get it quite perfect. Much thanks to Jeff Heller (Gambitt) for the DDR arrows (which were quite rightly credited in the project credits :p), and to Will Millberry (Aluminum Studios) for the DDR pad graphic.

    Finally- be on the lookout. There's a small bit of footage that doesn't quite belong in there hidden in the video. ;) It was something of a running joke through this project.

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