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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Gravi - "Perfect for Yuki" (remastered AGAIN!)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-29
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    • Simple Plan Perfect
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  • Comments: Heh Heh... I just can't give up on this vid, can i? lmao... well this is the third time im remaking it... hopegully the last cause the song is starting to drive me crazy... but its a lot better now, i changed the scenes. i kept the begginin n a few random scenes in the middle but thats about it... anyways even if i cant give up on the vid i did give up on premiere... its not that i culdnt figure it out - cause i did.. i relle did lol but my comp does NOT like it... it wont work properly.. it gets stuck.. it takes 20 tries to turn on... im not lying.. n of course i refuse to go back to movie maker so i made this in Vegas 5, which rocks! =]] awesome prog.. cool effects.. i loved playin wit the cross fade effect.. as u'll prob be able to tell... lol.
    this vid isnt perfect exactly, since i was practicing wit the prog so i didnt relle use many effects except fades.. but i think its pretty cool.. theres no subs except for one part where a sub pops up for a tiny milisecond.. im not sure y it shulda been deleted maybe i missed it.. n another part where a line of subs pops up for.. also a millisecond i guess lol.. either way u get even read it. i dunno why its there, i guess maybe wen i checked it in vegas it got stuck in dat part n skipped over it.. n it takes like an hour to save a vid in vegas so i didnt feel like fixing it.. sori.. lazy... lol.. n didnt have time cause of school n i wanna put this up before my FTP prog trial runs out heh... besides now its like... my last gravi vid had a sub flash by for like a second... this one does.. its a pattern lmao.. ok pathetic excuse i no.. anyways
    this vid DOES have some lip sync, but a lot of parts that arent lip sync but look like they're bad lip sync, n because most ppl wont be readin this whole long note im writin in which i culd explain exactly which parts r spossed to be lip sync, im just not gonna let anyone rate lip sync =P lol.. if u actually read this far down.. good for u... lol =] enjoy da vid... compare it to attempt one if u want.. its pretty funni.. just skip attempt 2, its only attempt one in better quality n no subs.... n i think i covered everything, so happy downloadddiin! =] its a lot smaller file size than last vid!

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