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  • Member: Wonka
  • Studio: Hype-Odermic Studios
  • Title: Die for Me
  • Premiered: 2004-09-29
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    • Tool Eulogy
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  • Comments: FINALLY! My 12th video is complete after nearly 10 months! HUZZAH!

    This video is a summary of the anime Berserk (more specifically, it is a summary of the relationship between Griffith and Gutts). I tried my best to catalog all of the events of the show in chronological order, going through the rise and fall of both the band of the hawk and it's leader, as well as give a little foreshadowing throughout.

    This video represents the most ambitious attempt I have made to incorporate story telling in an action video. That being the case, the song of course plays a big part in this video's ability to actually tell the story, so it is very important that you read of the lyrics of Tool's masterpiece, Eulogy.

    Lyrics can be found -

    Please take the time and look at them if you aren't familiar with the song. I cant convey how much more you will get out of this video by knowing them.

    WARNING: Since this is a retelling of the anime Berserk, it features many many very important spoilers to the series. Please don't watch this if you haven't seen the anime, as it won't make a whole hell of allot of sense to you, while at the same time ruining a great story. Do yourself a favor if you haven't seen the anime and go check it out.

    On a sadder note, I had to edit the song. This hurt me to do, as none of the song I feel is expendable, but it simply had to be done, as footage for an 8:30 minute video is very hard to come by and still be worth watching, let alone 8:30 minutes of Berserk footage (which while it is a fantastic anime, does suffer from a limited budget, and thus suffers from some limited animation). To all you fellow Tool purists, my apologies. I tried for many months to leave the song untouched, but in the end, it needed to happen.

    Well, that's about all I have for you guys. This video, in my humble opinion, is my finest work I've produced, so I really hope you all give it a shot and enjoy it. Personally I feel it was the 10 months and roughly 1200 separate errors, crashes, wipes, corruptions burnouts, blowups and missed airplane flights that went into bringing it to you ^^


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