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  • Members: Machine, Psycho Chopo
  • Studio: MindWarp Entertainment
  • Title: RETRO Project 2004 : Killer Instinct Track
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • Killer Instinct OST Killer Groove
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  • Comments: This is my Killer Instinct Trak for the RETRO Video Game Project 2004.

    Allow me to elaborate more on on just how this music video came to life. Around the the spring time, I still didn't know what I was going to do for my RETRO track. The only good track I had heard was a Killer Instinct one that I had heard off of the OST. My brother had jsut recently bought the Naruto 2 game and I was having alot of fun playing it. Then it hit me...

    What if Naruto could fight someone from Killer Instinct? Fulgore since he's the mascot for it? Possible?

    At first I thought I wasn't going to be able to pull it off...until I created a test in After Effects with both characters. I managed to Rotosope Naruto first then get Fulfore from the SNES game. I have to same getting Fulgore out of the SNES game was a hell of alot easier than getting the 3D Naruto out of his game. The test was succesful. Although I wasn't the best Photoshop artist, Evreything went off with out a hitch; with just a few minor things to touch up on.

    And so, I asked my brother to help me out with all of the Rotoscoping while I edited the music videos. After a back breaking 2 months working on this video, it was finally complete.

    Check it out and Enjoy!

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