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  • Member: bluey11
  • Title: The cell games - Eye of the Tiger
  • Premiered: 2004-09-29
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    • Survivor Eye of the Tiger
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  • Comments: Hi all this is my first ever Music clip and my first ever post!!!
    i had to use movie maker 2 to make it but i think ive done pritty well

    well anyway, i hope you all like it :)
    oh and plz leave an opinion ;)


    ok this has been on the site for a while now and
    its not that crash hot so im making a new amv
    its going to be better then anything ive ever made before
    it will mainly involvle RahXephon

    its going to be realeased sometime in march
    be sure to download it then cya later ;)


    my new vid is finished ....downlaod it its way better then this one (mind you i made this one ages ago and used movie maker 2 :P )

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