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  • Member: Fluxmeister
  • Title: RVG Project Track 32
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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  • Song:
    • JD Harding Super Metroid 'Brinstar'
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  • Comments: Composition: Video Clips, Super Metroid Clips, and Music

    Spoilers: Yeah... kind of hard not to... in a 40 minute anime.

    Video content notes:

    1 - Magnetic Rose + Metroid = ... pretty close. While Eva isn't exactly mother brain
    and there definitely aren't metroids floating around... I think it fits.

    2 - This video was created in two completely different sections. After my initial
    version MJ and Castor Troy both agreed it was a bit on the short side. I added the 30
    some seconds to the front of the track to introduce Eva's character a bit more.

    3 - While I like the video... I feel as though my videos for the NES project were
    better. I think my general passion for editing was at a low after a rough year
    (starting with post awa sickness and surgery...)

    4 - I really liked mixing in the game footage with the anime. I thought the timer was
    a fun addition... and of course making Samus fail instead of succeed in escaping...

    Technical notes:

    1 - The widescreened video game footage is actually "transformed" in premiere to 140%
    (making it's width oh so close to 720).

    2 - All game footage was capped with ZSNES and Camtasia. (great apps!)

    ... if I think of anything else I will add it ...

    Enjoy the Video! =)

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