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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: Deliverance
  • Premiered: 2001-12-25
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    • Sarah Brightman Deliver Me
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  • Comments: I finished this video about 3 months ago. In my opinion its my finest work to date. I originally planned on doing this song to FF9 right off the bat, but I couldn't really "see" the video at first as well as I could for In the End. So I went ahead and made that video and figured I'd come back to this one later. Well 9 months went by and I had pretty much forgotten about it until someone had brought to my attention that I had mentioned doing this song. So I went back and listened to it and I had a completely new image of the video in my head and I got to work on it right away,

    This one took longer then my previous videos. I experimented alot with color in this video as a show of symbolism. Hopefully you'll be able to tell this by viewing it, but after the main vocals start, the video is in full color except in scenes that show "evil" or things that are holding Garnet back (mainly scenes of Queen Brahne).

    If you really pay close attention to the lyrics and to whats going on, you'll see alot of hidden timings. Every time I watch the video now I get goosebumps just from how perfect the lyrics fit the subject. It's fantastic :) Garnet might as well be Sarah Brightman.

    I really do hope you all download this video and appreciate it for its content and not brush it off because its "another Final Fantasy video". This will most likely be my last FF music video (I doubt I'll even do one to 10 unless I get some serious inspiration).

    ***DOWNLOAD UPDATE: 02/23/03***
    And hosting is DOWN...... AGAIN........ ;_; So yeah. the links = 404

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