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  • Member: wednesday
  • Studio: Scandalous Video
  • Title: Great Justice -- Six Months Short Of Fashion
  • Premiered: 2001-03-17
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    • The Laziest Men On Mars Invasion Of The Gabber Robots
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  • Comments: [There are TWO VERSIONS of this; the final is "six months short" and the one in common circ is "three weeks." Ask around.]

    This is a parody of the ubiquitous Zero Wing flash animation (yes, I know, All Your Base Are Belong To February). It was part getting over having "Invasion Of The Gabber Robots" stuck in my head, part concentrated learning about Premiere and about my shiny new Marvel G400 TV, part making sure the new Win98 installation worked as it should.

    Well, someone was going to get around to it. The title stems from the Guardian having run an article on how passe All Your Base had become around the time I had done the first minute or so of footage for the video (the modified stills at the beginning) and realizing that, once this made it to Minamicon, it would be so out of style it wasn't funny. That was vaguely discouraging, but it would have been a waste to stop there, particularly as I was just looking for an excuse to expand on (an AYB'd Utena laserdisc cover) and do it quickly, all in one place, before there was just no point anymore.

    Watch for the obvious sign that I was running out of steam. I've quite deliberately not listed where it comes from.

    In the "Six Months" edit, Gatchaman has been replaced with Mahou Tsukai Tai!, the Sakura Wars shot has been cleaned up, the Pretty Sammy sequence has been slowed down, and the MTT Zig has been replaced with better source material (the new one has marginally better timing, also). Gatchaman is left in the list on the grounds that what you can download right now still has it.

    Clips from this video ran in a UK television documentary on anime fandom. I am not actually that fat.

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