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  • Member: BigDude
  • Studio: Ion Studios
  • Title: RVG Project 2004 - Track 6 - Mikako vs. StarFox
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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    • bLiNd StarFox Meteorave OC Remix
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  • Comments: Retro Video Game Project 2004
    --------Track #6--------

    My first atempt for a video for this project was to use the "Dragons of Paradise OC Remix" from Square's Bahamut Lagoon and to use Escaflowne the Move. That, obvously, didnt work out. Then I got a hold of Voices of a Distant Star, looked for a game that could possibly go with it and listened to its remix(s), and came up with StarFox! Dun dun dun. So I started actaul progress on this contrabution to the project mid March... and, slacking big time from then till August, raced to complete it in the last week before the Deathline. And all was good. :)
    Sprites, how many was it this time round you ask? 209. :| 209 sprites, pain stakingly made working over a gray keyboad in a vary uncomfotable position for hours.. only to find: they actually looked pretty good. Sprites found on:
    The onriginal lenth of the song was somewhere between three and four minutes, but I only completed about two minutes of it, more or less beacuse I ran out of time and was lazy. :P

    The basic story in this video is: Mikako, a Space Force Fighter, loves playing her video games while travelling through space and it is to the point of obsession. At some point during her travells she gose crazy : simple as that. And outta nowhere StarFox attacks her (of course in reality its just some random space ship her computer has targated) and she attacks back, atempting to destroy him! *gasp* Noo, not StarFox! Hes the hero! ..Well too bad, she kicks his ass as you get to see, but of course Fox dosent go down without a fight.

    StarFox for the SNES. Wow this game pissed me off. :P As you can clearly see, in the video there is only clips from Stage 1.. I only passed that damn level once, ONCE!! in all the 6 months I had it. : Yes, Im no good at games using the keybord... But all in all, it was a good game to finnaly play.

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    Thanks for reading, enjoy the video!

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