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  • Member: Illia Sadri
  • Studio: Starving Artist Anime
  • Title: Message Through Time
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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  • Song:
    • Toshiro Masuda Sadness And Sorrow
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  • Comments: Okay so shoot me but I really enjoyed making this video despite it taking all of about 15 hours of actual work. I like the feel of this one and how the end result looks despite having absolutely no special effects.

    I wanted this video to be rather simplistic after being drained my my previous video, entered in awa pro a couple months back. It seems as though lately it is deemed mandatory to have SOMETHING in there and thus I wanted to do something so simple.

    One of the main challenges actually was working with a strict instrumental and being able to still tell a story. There is no advantage of a singer being able to set the flow of things or to trigger ideas. In addition, anybody familiar with Hoshi no Koe aka Voices of a Distant Star is aware that the entire film is just over 24 minutes long, a good portion of it battle scenes, limiting the availiable footage to do this with.

    However I am content with this one. Of the ones I've personally constructed it's my favorite to date. However I need to find some really really silly and/or cute stuff to watch after this one. I can't watch it anymore.

    vid/anime spoilers

    This video focuses primarily on the messages sent between the two characters, and the hopelessness that occurs from not knowing if that messsage will ever be received as Mikako drifts further away from Earth.

    The final stanza does prove a signifigant change in mood from the rest of the video for a reason. its not really something I want to divulge entirely because it can be taken a few ways and its interesting to leave interpretation open for debate there.

    Another quirky thing I left in is the mouth flaps in one particular scene. While it may seem sloppy to some.... I thought it fitting for some words to be 'said' but not heard as seems to be the characters' fate.

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