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  • Member: mexicanjunior
  • Studio: Random Variable Productions
  • Title: RVG Project 2004 - Track 04 - Circus Music
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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    • Nintendo Guru Enter the Guru
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  • Comments: This was the 2nd video I did for this year's RVG Project. The final month of the project, I knew were getting strapped for vids, alot of creators were bailing out and some just vanished. I decided to try and throw something together to at least fill some space. :p Unlike the game in my first RVG track (Altered Beast), I LOVED Double Dragon growing up and playing in the arcades. It was the first game I recall spending hours and tons of quarters playing to completion. Gotta love that elbow of dewm and whipping ass with the bat. Also, I really enjoyed playing the NES version of it, so I knew I wanted to pay homage somehow. I checked out a few remixes of DD music online and came across this track while visiting OCRemix. This was the only Double Dragon track I found to include that kick ass music in that castle area with the spears flying and the bricks coming out of the wall. It really reminded me of circus or carnival music, so I had to do something with it. The audio was difficult to edit since the song was about 6 minutes and the sections were not defined enough to just cut parts out without it being noticeable. After getting the audio done though, the video took about 3 weeks total to create. The reason for Fatal Fury was it had a guy (Terry Bogard) that looked similiar to the DD guys with the torn blue jean jacket. Also, that movie and OVA have some great fighting sequences, which I thought went well with the whole DD street fight concept. The game footage was a mixture of DD1 (Arcade) and DD2 (Sega Master System). BTW, the 2 guys standing with their fists pumped in the air are the dudes on the original Double Dragon arcade machine. :p Hope you enjoy...

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