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  • Members: animeksa, bma_ksa
  • Studio: BMA Videos
  • Title: Idiot Beast Heroes
  • Premiered: 2004-03-16
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    • One T feat Cool T The Magic Key
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  • Comments: K.O. Beast
    KO Seiki Biisuto Sanjuushi
    (lit. "KO Century Three Beasketeers")
    K.O. Beast: Doing its part to prove that you can never have too many series involving bickering idiot heroes who randomly transform into animals and try to save the world from posturing villains. Nope,though, the series pulls off at least most of what it aims for: manic humor, a variety of looser characters, and plenty of "little things hitting each other." THAT WAS MY STORY IN THE MUSIC VIDEO" as for the anime will let see......The original title, KO Seiki Biisuto Sanjuushi is something of a pun; "sanjuushi" is the Japanese title of The Three Musketeers, usually written with characters meaning "three", "gun", and "warrior". In this case, the middle character, "juu" is written with the character for "beast", turning it into a pun something along the lines of "The Three Beasketeers". The first part, "KO Seiki Biisuto" is more straightforward, meaning "KO Century Beast".

    I hope you enjoy it.
    download it now!!!!!!! and tell me your opinion.
    thank you for your time..

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