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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: RVG Project 2004 - Track 02 - Sonic Greenhill Remix
  • Premiered: 2004-09-27
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  • Song:
    • Rayza Sonic GreenHill(Euroclub "95")
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  • Comments: I was asked one night by MJ, Castor and Fluxy if i wanted to join the project. I was unsure about it at the time and said i'd sleep on it and give them an answer within the next few days. unfortionatly, my father passed away durring that time so i had other things on my mind then AMVs, but i agreed to join and decided to take the Greenhill rimix track. I'm glad i did too.

    Sonic was my fav Genesis game and still is so it was only natural for me to pick this song. I had a lot of crazy ideas i wanted to do with this video but with the amount of time and other things on my mind, i just couldn't do them. The more and more time went by, the more simpler the video became. The main concept behind this video is motion/action and speed. as you watch the video, it get faster and faster as the video progresses. not much faster though.

    Technical stuff:
    I used adobe premiere for the main bulk of the video and after effects for the intro. when you first watch the video you'll notice the RVG/sega intro. Originally it was my logo in place of it, but Castor didn't want me self pimping >.> that was cool so i replaced it with RVG. I wanted to get this intro to look as much like the original sega intro. I used the same font and i tried replicating the way sonic moves over it and how the logo apears. If you notice on the original, when sonic runs over it the first time only a few lines apear and then the rest of the lines are filled in on the second pass. This was pretty easy to replicate and i think i did a spifft job :P

    After that logo intro is the sonic title screen. If your a real sonic fan you'll notice somthing. The title screen i'm using is from Sonic 1 but the sonic in the title is actually from sonic 2. I didn't like how the sonic 1 sonic looked like, so i decided to tweak it with the 2nd sonic. I did a lot of masking and layering and eventually created what i was looking for... and damn good title screen i must say :P I also edited out the SEGA at the bottom of the title and replaced it with RVG.

    The only other thing i created to replicate the Sonic games was the stage titles. I did all of those in illistrator. In aftereffects, replicated how they move into and out of the screen. All the gameplay was superimposed with premiere.

    Anyway, i hope you enjoy this track and the entire RVG project :P

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