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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Surrealism
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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  • Song:
    • Joe Hisaishi Shiita no Ketsui
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  • Comments: Enter a corner of the Matrix long forgotten by its keepers, a place where time slows down, gravity relinquishes its hold, and mysteries lurk beyond heavy doors...


    I started this video not thinking that I would ever finish it. It was a spur-of-the moment idea, inspired by the anime itself. Beyond was one of my favorite titles from The Animatrix just because it was so strange. And when I found the perfect song to complement it, I knew I had to make this AMV.

    My original idea was to show the video moving at different points in time. So I would show the girl walking into a room, then quickly fade to three seconds later when she's in the middle of the room, then fade again to the sight of her walking off the camera. Of course to have this effect work properly, the girl would have the be the only object moving in the shot. This quickly became a problem, as continuous camera movement was used throughout Beyond. The effect just didn't look right with the entire picture jumping all over the place.

    As a remedy, I created a ghosting effect in order to cushion these transitions. Combine that with frequent blurs, and the resulting video takes on a "faulty, unfocused camera" sort of look. It wasn't how I had originally imagined it to be, but somehow, the style fitted.

    This is my third instrumental video to be released. It is the one with most emphasis on the instrumental aspect of the music, as the video is essentially directed by the song. I was happy to use a piece from one of the most reknown composers in anime history: Joe Hisaishi, who had composed scores for masterpieces such as Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. Shiita no Ketsui, or "Sheeta's Decision," is a quiet piano theme from the score of Laputa, Castle in the Sky. The song was performed by Hisaishi himself.

    I hope you enjoy the video! If you think it's strange or refreshing, please take the time to leave some feedback and tell me what you think. :)


    This video is part of the Instrumentality: Animasia project. I do not plan to upload this video individually to the local server, but I can provide a direct link upon personal request. Just email or pm me in the forum to ask. And please check out Animasia for animated commentaries and AMVs made by other talented creators!

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