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  • Member: Epochof7
  • Studio: Seven7h S7ep Productions
  • Title: Cursed Fate
  • Premiered: 2002-06-05
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    • J. A. Burnett Aphrodite Oceanus
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    This hosting has been donated, and I don't want to kill his DSL :)

    Also, you NEED Quicktime 6 ( to watch this video. It's a free download, and when you see the quality that it offers at 35MB, you'll understand :D

    Anyways, this video was a finalist for Drama at Anime Expo 2002. I didn't honestly have high hopes for this video (See explaination below), but, y'know, finalist at AX is nothing to scoff at. It's just too trippy and mixed genre to do well at a fan-vote, but I've recieved more fan-correspondence over this video than any other to date (Probably due to the fact that it was shown at Anime Expo), so again, I can't complain ;)

    Though, I like to think this was one of the more original drama videos I've seen to date, if only due to it's trippyness factor andthe fact that the song is a remix of the Water Temple theme from Secret of Mana.

    Also, the site of the artist that made the song is in the credits, so check out his work!

    ***OLD COMMENTS***
    BLARG (It's my new favorite phonetic word)

    Anyways, this is a foray into making a... graphically driven music video. Before this, all my videos were driven by plot. I tried to look underneath and retell a story in a new, unique, and interesting way. This one, though, was more of an editing and concept experement. I _kinda_ like how it turned out. Some people really like it, but in all honesty, the ending STILL feels a little weird to me... also... all the Meyer Link fans will have a shit over this video... I kinda painted him to be a really evil character =P

    Oh well... This is going to premiere at Anime Expo 2002, and so I'll see what the crowd thinks :D

    PS The server only allows so many users, so please be patient if you cannot connect

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