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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: RVG Project 2004 - Track 21 - Devil's Mask
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • SFLaValle Devil's Mask
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  • Comments: Video #57

    My 2nd contribution to the Retro Video Game Project 2004, the sequel to the very successful NES Project 2003.

    Midway through the production of the entire RVG Project 2004, editors began to drop like flies due to broken computers, and lack of time and interest. Fluxy gave me permission to do a 2nd video for the RVG Project since a few editors dropped out. I was deciding between the Megaman X3 House Hornet remix and the Ninja Gaiden Devil's Mask remix. With Ninja Gaiden finally out for the Xbox, I thought fans would enjoy to see the old school Ninja Gaiden in action so I went with the Devil's Mask remix.

    The Devil's Mask remix was originally assigned to nailz1000 for the NES Project the year before but sadly he dropped. I've always been a fan of the Ninja Gaiden games for their awesome storylines and frustrating gameplay :P I was sad to see such an awesome remix not being used so I took it upon myself to finally give the remix the recognition it deserves.

    I know it's weird using a samurai anime to a ninja game, but I couldn't resist using Hanya (The masked guy from the Oniwaban group) as the Masked Devil and Shishio as the Jaquio. So basically this video is retelling the story of Ninja Gaiden through the visuals of the game and Rurouni Kenshin with somewhat of a dark comedy twist....

    Cast of characters:

    Kenshin - Ryu Hayabusa
    Kaoru - Irene Lew
    Jinnei - Bloody Malth
    Gohei - Barbarian
    Hanya - The Masked Devil
    Lord Okubo - Foster
    Shishio - The Jaquio
    Fat firebreather from the Oniwaban - The Demon


    - I wanted to incorporate the 2 most important aspects of Ninja Gaiden in the video, the action and the storyline. There are a few text heavy segments in the video. I didn't have alot of time to show lots of important storyline text so I do kind of expect viewers to have a bit of Ninja Gaiden knowledge..... if there's anything confusing about the video, let me know. The basic story is that Ryu's father was involved with a plot to stop the Jaquio from ruling the world by reviving a demon and Ryu's father was killed and Ryu wants to get revenge.

    - I decided to keep the editing more simple after the start of the video because I didn't want to turn it into a 4 beat flash fest. The 4 beats part of the more intense sections of the song didn't look as coherent compared to the slower parts of the beginning.

    - Cutting the 04:17 remix down to the 3 minute time limit was extremely difficult. I mostly had to cut out small repeat parts throughout the song. If you really know the entire mix well, then you'll notice the obvious cut parts. I can't mix or cut music for the life of me..

    - While the song is pretty serious, I meant for this to be a gag video for Kenshin fans. Shishio as the Jaquio, Hanya as the Masked Devil, and the fat firebreather from the Oniwaban as the demon cracked me up thinking of them as Ninja Gaiden characters.

    I had a fun time working on this video, yet had a harder time actually capturing the footage (Damn you level 6-2) and cutting down the mix. Make sure you check out the full mix!

    Big thanks to my friend Mike Silva for letting me borrow his Kenshin dvds for as long as I have :P I was finally glad to give them back to him after all this time.

    No, Hanya is not Kenshin's father :P

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