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  • Member: Jnzk
  • Studio: Arctic Tribe
  • Title: Yet Another Teen Angst AMV
  • Premiered: 2004-09-22
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    • Caesars Palace Over 'fore it started
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    2nd place in Romance/Sentimental category at Anime USA 2004

    The world lacks Caesars Palace videos. Even the somewhat famous "Jerk it out" hasn't been used yet, even though it has been featured in many games including the FIFA series and a snowboarding game. So I decided to support Swedish music industry and use one of their songs.

    "Over 'fore it started" is from the album "Love for the streets". I don't think it has been published outside of the Nordic countries. The music itself is happy and easy pop rock with a retro feel. Maybe too simple for some, but I haven't regretted my purchase.

    I wanted to take a little different approach to romance this time. Kare Kano is a great series in the sense that you can find material for almost any kind of video from it. Comedy, romance, angst... it's all there. This AMV is supposed to show Arima's suffering about his lost love. It's summer, the traditional season of love in anime, but Arima's got a broken heart. To make things worse, Yukino has even found a new handsome boyfriend! :P

    I tried to clean the footage to the best of my abilities. The AviSynth filters Dust and mfToon helped a lot, but some dots and scratches had to be removed by hand.


    Playback: ffdshow & MatroskaSplitter or VLC.

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