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  • Member: zanedomain
  • Studio: ZANE Production Group
  • Title: She Is My Sin
  • Premiered: 2001-12-21
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    • Nightwish Bare Grace Misery
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  • Comments: She Is My Sin Convention Version available NOW on my website. If you want to leave a comment for the convention version please do so under its link.

    Major Spoilers!! Watch Out!

    Got to LOVE Girls with Guns!

    My 4th attempt at a music video. This one I did while waiting for my Windows XP drivers for my DC-10+. I used fansubs of Noir from Bakamx. I didn't have the whole series in high quality and I didn't want to use crap so that limited my source. This also ended my original idea of a music video with a story to it, so I just made a fun shoot em up video with a twist.

    I love the series and when I heard Bare Grace Misery I instantly thought Noir. I was debating on waiting for the domestic US release but that is going to be a while. If you like the operatic music found on the Noir OST you will most likely LOVE this band. The lead singer sang the song found in the space opera scene in the Fifth Element.

    As in my previous AMV my timing is not usually to the main beat of the music. That doesn't seam to go well with the critics but I could care less what they think of my work. I spent lots of time on the small details (Probably more than I should have) so if you pay attention to little things matching the beat you may be surprised. I know there are a few flaws in the video here and there, but encoding from Divx is still a bit buggy. Especially when all of you source in Premiere is in that codec. I have experienced multiple freezes, crashes and other crap with it which made making this video a big pain.

    I took note from all you who left me comments on the 1st version of this amv. THANKS! I greatly appreciate honest comments! So I dug up the old Premiere files that where backed up on about 5 cd-r's and fixed all the bugs people noticed. This version is called the convention version or Ver 1.1h.

    If you take note of the Bakamx logo in the top right corner of the video, whenever it moves or vanishes, that is when I did something to the video. I did allot of pans, zooms and other barely noticeable effects that make this video just a bit more fun. You will see more of them when I release Ver 1.1h - Now For Download

    I recommend you read the lyrics for this video! It will make things more clear on selected scenes. You can view them on my website. Http://

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    This download is for version 1.0b
    For a version history please visit my website.

    Updated 10-04-2002

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