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  • Member: Alice [OLSP]
  • Studio: Angelic Bleu Studios
  • Title: The Light You Bring
  • Premiered: 2004-09-22
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  • Song:
    • Fuel Falls On Me
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    First of all, this is NOT a 100% literal video. Please don't try to match every lyric directly with what is happening. There are a few instances where this may happen while viewing.

    1: Chihaya and Messiah in the bar. "Falls on me" does not literally refer to how Messiah is lying over Chihaya to shield him. It refers symbolically to how Messiah's love causes him to react to any threat to Chihaya himself.

    2: "Am I that strong" does not refer to Chihaya trying to forcefully break down the door to Messiah's cell. It again symbolizes something. Is Chihaya strong enough to walk away from Messiah, and leave him in the cell to potentially perish?

    3: There is no, I repeat NO INTENTIONAL LIP SYNCING IN THIS VIDEO, save a single instance where Chihaya screams, layed over by Brett Scallions' voice as he reaches for Messiah's hand. Any other "lip syncing" you may encounter is purely coincidental, and is only there due to the nature of the scene and clip. Please donot attempt to match it to the lyrics.

    4: As I stated in instance number one, the verse, "Falls on me" is never to be taken literally. You'll find that most of the scenes in the video have some sort of fall or related clip set to those lyrics. I did not choose those scenes to literally match the lyrics.

    Technical Credits:

    JT - For the use of his DVD recording hardware/software, and the hours and hours he donated to me for the task.

    Coleen - For letting me borrow her Earthian: Angelic Collection DVD. Thanks for helping a broke guy out.

    Shawn: For the one on one tutorials and support with Adobe Premiere. Everything you see in this video, he taught me how to do.

    My dog, Zeus - I hadn't worked on this video in months. When he passed, I ended up listening to this song over and over...and it led to me sucking it up and finishing it. Thanks, buddy. This one's for you.

    Thank you again to everyone who helped with this. No matter how small a role you think you played, none of this would be if it weren't for your support. This is your video, too.

    On a lesser note, there is a small scene of homo-eroticism at the begining, nothing revealing, just Chihaya and Kagetsuya in bed...kissing...

    Please be good to one another. You never know when you'll lose someone you really care about.


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