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  • Title: Dreaming Of You 2
  • Premiered: 2001-12-19
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    • Micheal W. Smith Do You Dream Of Me?
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  • Comments: Yay! I updated this to the final version of this video. If all goes well it'll be making it debut at Animazement 2003 this year! Now on with the description stuff. ^_^

    There are some lyric match-ups in the here that will only make perfect sense if viewed be someone who has seen the entire series. And there are spoilers to those who know what they are seeing. You are welcome to watch and download it even if you have not seen Ayashi no Ceres, but if you plan to and also submit an opinion. Please no remarks like "what was that all about?", "The part at "0:00" didn't make sense, what was the meaning in putting that scene there?".. okay?

    And as for the story, it is one of romance and a difficult relationship. Aya and Tooya, ah what a match. (lol) It is meant to show the much more calm and very sweet side to this series. And to those that have seen it know that there isn't very many of those. So, using mainly 3 episodes (14, 18, and 22 if I am correct. Might not be though) I hope I conveyed the story as well as I wanted to. And if you haven't seen it, go buy yourself the DVD's! You deserve to watch it! ~.^

    Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy your video while submitting an opinion for it also. ^_^

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