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  • Member: gambitt
  • Title: The Azumanga Boogie (or Some Girls Like Crack)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-25
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    • Elbow Independent Woman
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  • Comments: It's been a year since my last AMV (for DDR), and it's been three years since I did a video of my own. This is also the first video I am proud of that used no After Effects whatsoever and stuck to using the bare essentials of Premiere's capabilities. This should scare most of you who know my usual repetoire. Now, the kicker, it's a comedy. That's right, now you're terrified.

    I think everyone by now is aware of my icon used in the .org forums. Well, for a while I wanted to retire the icon and find something else. However, that gif is the damn funniest thing I've ever seen, so it wouldn't be easy. I figured, "Oh I'll just watch Azumanga again and surely something will be a suitable replacement." I watched the three DVDs I had of Azumanga and wrote down times for all the shots that would work great as animated GIFs. Then I sat on the idea and didn't do anything.

    While working with AbsoluteDestiny on DDR4, he invited me to join him on his panel. Of course I accepted, but with not much of my own work to show, I needed something to do that was quick, so I took the list of clips and instead of finding a GIF, I used them for this video.

    Editing time: 1 hr 45 mins editing
    Adjusting/syncing: 45 mins
    Color Correcting: 30 mins
    Exporting: 2 hours

    Oh yeah, why this song? Because I'm an anglophile and the vocalist has that awesome accent slip on, "Girl I didn't know you could get down like th-AHHH-t..." Kind of an inside joke with AbsoluteDestiny. Other than that, this song is funny and it kicks ass.

    Whoa, like, this video has won things! Least I could do is give very hearty humble thanks to those judging! This video has won:

    AWA 10:
    Vicbond007's VAT Award: "Get Out of My Head!"
    Red Apple Productions' VAT Award: "Get Out of My Head!"

    AC3 (Little awesome con in CA (thanks Tim!)):
    Best Composition

    Katsucon 11:
    Judge's Award

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