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  • Member: CSF
  • Title: Hiei to Kurama: Everybody's Fool (Shounen-Ai)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-15
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    • Evanescence Everybody's Fool
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  • Comments: Well, I did this a long time ago but I'm finally submitting it. The inspiration from this video was my Evanescence CD which was really my first American CD. XD Until that CD all I had was japanese and anime music. But it was I believe, my second MV, the first MV has disappeared.

    But anyway, a few things I'd like to point out that really fit. The fact that the Kurama they know isn't really the Kurama he always was. Kurama used to be cut throat and ruthless as Youko Kurama and some people say he hasn't really changed or that if he has, just a little. Thus he's fooling people with his "nice" act. But another way to interpret it is that he's fooling everyone with his human disguise to hide the demon inside. Another part I felt really fit was the part "Can't find yourself, lost in your lie" I put the scene I did there because, in fact, Youko is getting lost inside Shuuichi, if not mostly reformed and the line between youkai and ningen is blurring as the series goes on.

    xD well I'll just let you enjoy the MV. Ja ne~

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