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  • Member: PatrickD
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  • Title: Survivor: The Japanese Animation
  • Premiered: 2001-08-09
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    • Russ Landau Survivor Theme
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  • Comments: VIDEO NOTES:
    This video is a parody of Survivor and involves characters from 16 different anime series. Lots of editing, lots of (appropriate) effects, and lots of laughs. The video duplicates most of the effects used in the actual show's opening...including blurring, fading, zooming, panning, color flashes, on screen text, and even the flipping logo. I didn't match the actual Survivor opening exactly though. For example, I thought it would be funnier to have Ed look up at Allen and Ryoko than to just stick in a clip of a crocodile. Call it creative license.

    There's also a tribal council scene (complete with Jeff Probst) in which someone gets voted off...but I'm not saying who. You'll have to watch the video to figure that out.

    All the photos you see were created by manipulating screenshots in Photoshop. I made everything from the wood or sand backgrounds to the lighting effects to the logo outline in Photoshop. I also made the Survivor logo myself (based upon the real logo, obviously). The black borders around some of the shots were also added by me to match the real opening. The CBS-type spinning blue background for the credits and all the text were also done in Photoshop. Everything was pulled into Premiere...and presto! (Okay, not quite "presto" since there's A LOT of video effects going on in there too.)

    Nifty stuff to look for in the video:
    * Various objects have been edited to be marked with the tribe names.
    * Nanami's pals have been digitally removed from her climbing shot.
    * Keith is opening a box which was originally Faye's VCR in Cowboy Bebop.
    * Ed is looking up at Ryoko and Allen. Ein and a cactus were digitally removed from the shot.
    * Watch the effect of the fire's light on the group shot in the tribal council scene.
    * The character who gets voted off is holding an actual Survivor torch.
    * In the parting comments, the character was only on screen for the first half of that and then it cut to a shot of another character while he continued his "final contestants on the program" rant. I had to lip synch half of that so that he was on screen for the whole thing. It's next to impossible to tell where the lip synch starts. (Please keep this in mind when rating the lip synch.)

    The video took OVER 120 HOURS to complete. I guess I need to get outside more.

    This video was a finalist at Otakon 2001.
    This video won "Most Artistic" at Anime North 2002.

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