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  • Members (10): themaan, 2 2 5, BigDude, Coffee 54, DJ Jaime, OtakuForLife, Tsukin, Unlimited Rice, mckeed, silver_moon
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Anime Reloaded Multi-Editor Project
  • Premiered: 2004-09-13
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  • Songs:
    • A.F.I Miseria Cantare - The Beginning
    • Don Davis Main Titles
    • Juno Reactor & Don Davis Mona Lisa Overdrive
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hurray! It's finally all finished. The project has had it's share of problems but it managed to finish in a reasonable amount of time. I want to take time to thank all participants of Anime Reloaded for lending their editing skills and helping in anyway they could to finish the project. Thanks to you all! I must say that this project was harder to pull off then I thought it would be. But I guess I should have expected it.

    Christian Flossman, who sadly had computer problems in the middle of the project, would have made such a good track and have been a great part of the Anime Reloaded Project. But thanks to Valerie Fremmerlid, the project was able to continue despite Christan's computer crash.

    Yet another thanks goes out to Greenjinjo and MaverickMC for hosting the project and it's tracks. You guys were both a big help throughout the entire process of this video. Thanks a bunch!

    Well, I think I've said enough and thanked too many people. Let's move on to the creators themselves.

    (If you are an editor in this project and you do not have your comments here, please email them to me A.S.A.P., thanks!)

    1. Michael Walter (Tsukin)

    2. Matt Nguyen (TheUnlimited) - I thought the distortedness kinda made sense in the beginning... kinda. At the point where you see a constant walking in the hallway.. I just got bored and tried that out at first at random.. and well.. that worked out just fine... at least to me.. and that's all that matters... because it's MY part!

    3. Travis Thompson (Coffee54) - This is the first multi-editor project I've had the pleasure to particpate in. I thought having only the one small 47 sec portion would take some of the preasure off. Nope, deadlines made up for that, and of course being nervous that my part will fit in with the others, especially considering the talent TheMaan has lined up. I've now seen the finished project and I have to say, "I'm glad to have been a part of it." Now download, and enjoy.

    4. Adam Harrad (BigDude)

    5. Jaime Luis (DJ Jaime) - This was my first time using two different softwares and I really enjoyed because I learned new things doing it, it was funny because some parts weren't supposed to be like that, but all changed due to a crash.. Anyway, I had a good time participating in this project and I hope you to enjoy my part of the video.

    6. Ben Harris (TheMaan) - Uggh, I know that Evangelion is overdone, but it just fit you know? I think I did a pretty good job in contributing my own track and I hope you enjoy it. I tried out some new effects and editing tricks and it worked out well. Have fun!

    7. Joseph Inkley (2 2 5/OSP10) - Put simply my section is just a fight scene mixed together from the first eppisode and opening credits of Wolfs Rain with some filler from the first 2 eppiosdes of FLCL that I added because of my lack of Wolfs Rain footage. It took about 5 hours of actual editing to complete and concidereing it was my first time using a non-window movie maker edditing program (adobe premire) I'd say it turned out pretty well.

    8. David McKeen (McKeed) - This segment had a really eerie feel to it. Iíve always feeling wanted to do a Boogiepop Phantom video and this presented an excellent opportunity so I took it. I tried to really create a suspenseful feel to the whole segment building it as much as possible until the climax of the segment. Since I was trying to build up the mood I kept to pretty simple cuts only with some very quick effects on the transition beats. Some transitions were heightened with some simple transforms and zooms to punctuate the changes in feel. Overall it is a very simple video and enjoyed working on it. I hope you enjoy my segment.

    9. Valerie Fremmerlid (silver_moon) - RahXephon seemed to have the right amount of drama and seriousness needed for this song, so even though I only had the first DVD, I decided to use it. It was a fun three-day project. I did lots of flashing still frames with a sepia tint, but nothing too epileptic seizure-ish. I did some feathers and feathered white flashes, plus a couple noise effects. Enjoy. :)

    10. Brain Auxier (OtakuForLife)

    Note: The locally hosted version is a low quality encode of the video. The full 720x480 high quality video is hosted through the direct link thanks to greenjinjo!

    If you would like to host Anime Reloaded on your webspace or show it at your convention, please email me at

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