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  • Member: xRinoa
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Oh! My Destiny
  • Premiered: 2004-09-11
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  • Song:
    • joga Dam Dariram
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  • Comments: welll there it is ^^

    This is my 3rd real amv and my 2nd that i had send to a convention.
    Ich worked pretty long at it and had some hard times with the fx
    until they worked well.

    I really wanted to do an amv that begins silent and suddenly just
    rocks. I hope it works.

    Overall i'm fine with it.
    I held it all in one style.

    I became the 3rd place at the connichi 2004
    in anime genre
    and the 6th in total.

    Please note that the video has a wrong aspect ratio. I left it like this because the circles would look like eggs ^^
    If you want it in correct aspect ratio use Zoom Player and hit "r" 2 times while it's playing :)


    Falling in love...
    Falling in love...
    Falling in love...
    Falling in love...
    Need your love in every way
    And I feel this everyday
    Cause I have too many tears
    To fall in love again

    I am walking around
    In this side of the town
    I just can't hideaway
    How can I look in your eyes
    When I feel like to die
    I have to runaway

    Daririram dariram dariram
    Dariraram dam
    Ram dariram dariram
    Dariraram dam
    And I'm falling in love again...

    Life can be hard so many times
    How can I just live it fine
    And I'm tryin' now to smile
    And fall in love again


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