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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Between Earth And Spirit
  • Premiered: 2004-09-11
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    • Apollo Four Forty Liquid Cool
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  • Comments: Hi all,

    this video is highly experimental. Please read this description, it may be long, but otherwise I'm afraid you wouldn't get the point of this video :|

    Some time ago I became impressed by a similar kind of video. This kind of video had nothing really special in it, no effects, no outstanding synch, no badass action, no fanservice, no comedy... however, they impressed me with a great atmoshpere and in some cases a story.
    I wanted to try it myself once to create a video with as less manipulations done as possible, trying to impress just with the atmosphere of the Anime.

    Well that was some time ago. I never really had a concept for this until I saw Earth Girl Arjuna. This show totally impressed me with it's atmosphere and outstanding animation in its first episode already, I immediately knew that this was AMV-Material (of any kind). I relistened to some of the songs I thought that would fit and this one by Apollo 440 got stuck in my head, after a few times listening I had found a song that seemed to work with the concept I mentioned above. It's a calm electronic / Jungle piece of music with a few lyrics which fitted as well. I had this idea for quite a while in my head until I started editing (Waiting till the ordered Arjuna Boxset finally arrives) so I worked out a really thight concept for 3 months. As time was closing by, I decided that I'll enter the result to the biggest AMV-Contest in Germany, the Connichi.

    Then I broke my right arm in a bycicle crash shortly before the Box arrived :| However that didn't stop me from editing, I still had my left arm after all and I didn't have to work for 4 weeks so it got compromised :)
    The first 2 minutes went along a bit sloppy. The story in the video and it's atmosphere is just building up in the beginning, it was hard to get into it and to decide which scenes work better. Thanks alot to FoxJones who helped me a bit here ^^
    Once I got over this editing was just the realization of all the things I had in my mind already. And hence, that was fun to edit, the scene flowed together really well without much editing and after all that was what I wanted to create ^^

    So in the end I would say my experiment was successful. It creates the mood and things I wanted to create for myself at least :) I love it.

    I knew this wouldn't appeal to any viewer. Many people (esp at Connichi) said to me it's waaay to long and gets boring after a while, even the contest coordinators, that's maybe the reason why it ranked so low (17th :P). On top of that this is absolutely not a video which impresses at a con, it comes out much better if you watch it alone in front of your computer.

    So in the end I hope you're the kind of person who likes that stuff, otherwise you can give it a try, but you might be bored as well.

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.0 for all of the editing.

    If you could submit me an opinion on how you liked / didn't like it that would be nice, however you really don't need to tell me that it is too long or that you were bored, I heard that often enough already and I don't care about that anymore ;)

    I hope you enjoy it though! :)

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