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  • Member: darklife
  • Studio: dark intentions inc.
  • Title: Driven by Tomorrow's Choices
  • Premiered: 2004-09-13
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    • Incubus Drive
    • Jemani Cry Baby
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  • Comments: Well I finaly releasing my first video. It was held back do to many things technical and artistic. I choose to take agreat anime in Please Twins and I told my own twist on the story. The plot is a simple one to follow and the story should be easy to follow aswell. The guy in the video Miako is living with Karen (green haired girl) but through an accident and a chance metting. Mina (red head girl) ends up living with the others. Well as time goes Miako start to fall for both girls. You have to watch the video to find out what all happens.

    **Editer's notes**
    Many of the clips look to be long running. They are not. I changed the order of the clips and took clips from different episodes. I did this so as to tell the story I wanted to tell while setting the mood for the scenes.

    Well I hope you enjoy the video. Any comments and / or opinions are always welcome.

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