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  • Member: [lmt]_lucas
  • Studio: Lucas' Artz
  • Title: End Of The Century
  • Premiered: 2004-09-04
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  • Song:
    • No.9 End of the Century
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  • Comments: The story behind this video is short. There was a Final Fantasy convention in my town and i decided to go check it out. On the saturday morning i woke up and thought of making a Final Fantasy video for the contest they held. Only footage i had at my hands was The Spirits Within so i went with that. Less than 4 hours later the video was ready for convention screening. There were only two entries in the contest after all and i lost to a typical FF video (random scenes to instrumental music - hardcore fans don't like changes ^^') but having made two speed edits in one week (the first being the French Iron Chef entry) i realized i had a lot of fun in the process. Try it yourself.

    [song lyrics]
    End of the century Misery, can it be
    choose who's the boss Suffer a great loss
    Man woman child No longer exist
    Only the good ones will be missed
    Life love cherish it all
    Who will be left to conquer
    The end is coming Don't start running
    There's nowhere to run Don't grab a gun
    All over the land here this roar
    No one knows what's in store
    Look for star, he's on his way
    No one knows what's in store
    Love you self and all around
    In a blink of an eyes
    You won't hear a sound
    Your heart is pounding at raided speed
    Man will always feel the need for greed

    Let's go for it
    Now you can't miss
    Al - Though - This - Was - The - Be - Gining
    Beware because the end is here

    The sky is falling
    Eyes are balling
    You had your chance
    To make your stance
    Love is a must life don't lust
    No time to fuss People start to cuss
    cry out who's going to care
    Have no doubt have no fear
    Believe in me I'll show you the way

    Some people think the year 2G
    is so scaring, lets wait and see
    The world will shot down most won't admit
    People go crazy people catch fits
    Fire breaks out One way to stop
    Play hiphop non stop stop
    Remember these words And what I said
    You just might wake up brain dead

    The Feeling - is Amazing
    (Ohh boy!) I want you (Come on and Get me!)

    Some just say the world is changing
    Many people will agree
    Many changes we are seeing
    I just say..
    It's the end.. It's the end
    It's the end of the century

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