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  • Member: Fluxmeister
  • Title: Fate
  • Premiered: 2001-12-14
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    • Korn Lets Get This Party Started
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  • Comments: Composition: Video Clips and Music

    Warning: This video contains SPOILERS from Escaflowne. Big ones!
    Please only download it if you have seen the whole series, or
    REALLY don't care about spoilers!

    Video content notes: (no spoilers in my notes)
    1 - This video is my dedication to Dilandau, madness/violence/evil
    and all. The video is divided into many parts presenting different
    aspects of the story. For example the high action sequences are
    meant to present the distraction of fighting/war/violence from
    Dilandau's true fate.

    2 - The intro uses a short clip from the song "Behelit" on the
    Berserk OST.

    3 - In a way, you could think of this as the reverse of the last
    Escaflowne video I made, "The Duel," with Dilandau as the main
    character and the adversary being Van.

    4 - When I began this video I was very concerned that it might turn out to be too much of an action video with little story. I am quite
    pleased with the way it came out and hope that you see the underlying
    imagery along with the extreme action/insanity that Dilandau presents
    so well!

    5 - There are some 'experimental' effects in this video. I am not implying they are new to the world or even AMVs, but new to me. I think the benefits of these effects help to match the footage to the music...

    6 - ...which brings me to my final point. The footage initially seemed
    difficult to work with, considering the style of the song I chose to use. Fortunately the lyrics and music proved to be exactly what I sought in the final version of the video.

    Technical notes:
    1 - The lip syncing was done with RAW footage. I do not like to
    do 'flash-mouth'(edited) lip syncing in my videos.

    2 - Not that the Mpeg shows it, but the video was done entirely
    from Huffy avis (DVD-> Huffy -> Huffy avis). Many thanks to my
    new hard drive for the space to do so! I may make a DivX version
    of the video if people request it, or if I get around to it...

    3 - Epilepsy warning, lots of flashing! :P

    ... if I think of anything else I will add it ...

    Enjoy the Video! :)

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