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  • Member: MangaPunkSai
  • Title: "The Point That I Was Making"
  • Premiered: 2004-09-08
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    • They Might be Giants We Want a Rock
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  • Comments: "Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making"

    The video ended up being named for that opening line of this song, a statement which I believe suits FLCL perfectly.

    Another video of mine mixing FLCL with They Might Be Giants. With the surprising fittingness of the two with my last video of this ilk, "Furi-Sutairu", I decided to again revist the idea of mixing FLCL with a sometimes equally nonsensical band.

    I would love to do more AMVs to TMBG's music, but its so hard to FIT their music to something. Just as its rather difficult to pin down FLCL to particular songs. I think they're made for each other XD

    This may be, however, the last time I do this, as there's only so much footage in FLCL and I don't want to keep reusing the same scenes, as much as I like them (rest assured this video contains mostly different footage than "Furi-Sutairu") . Though I'm still considering doing one to "Boss of Me" which many people may recognize being used as the "Malcolm in the Middle" theme.

    Otherwise sometime in the future I really would like to do a video focusing on completely the darker parts of FLCL, the parts people seem to tend to ignore.

    However until then, enjoy this silly nonsense.

    On some technical notes, I tended to do alot of harsh transitions in this video for some reason, which I don't normally do. I did alot of abrupt endings and beginnings of footage as well as some standard Adobe Premiere transitions. I dunno why, but it seemed to suit the overall feel.

    Also FLCL never seems to want to capture well for me. Its possibly because I use an analog capture device and an external DVD player. But I attempted to clean up the footage as well I could.

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