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  • Member: Second Element
  • Studio: Second Element Video
  • Title: Memory's Coldest Winter
  • Premiered: 2004-09-07
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Kamelot Helena's Theme
    • Kamelot Interlude 4 ( Dawn )
    • Kamelot On The Coldest Winter Night
  • Anime:
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    Updated 10-4-05

    A "fixed" version of "Memory's Coldest Winter" was reuploaded to the Local server. The original one had an inappropiate aspect ratio playback flag that may have caused the footage to appear skewed or squished when played back on certain computers and/or certain media players. If the original version you have is NOT playing back in Widescreen format ( 16:9 aspect ratio ), then please consider replacing it with the new fixed version, so that you may enjoy this video in it's original format and appearance.

    This video is practice in experimenting with a much larger rock opera idea: we plan on in the near future threading together a number of songs to tell a sequential story in the form of a "rock opera". This video was borne from the want to play around a little with such an approach.

    Set to the first full-length Inu Yasha movie ( with a couple snippets of the second ), this little opera begins with Kikyou remembering what happened between Inu Yasha and her some fifty years ago. She emotionally laments that the personal conflict between the two was never resolved, and their love was broken. Meanwhile, Kagome, Kikyou's reincarnation, reinacts with Inu Yasha a similar betrayal which Kikyou calls her on, and Kagome falls through the well back into her time, where a harsh winter has swept the land. There, she finds Inu Yasha, whom by the power of love and affection, has managed to transcend time to let Kagome know that she is forgiven, so as to protect them from suffering the same tragic fate of love that stole the peace from both himself and Kikyou. Winter turns to spring in the present, now that Kagome and Inu Yasha have managed to overcome what has happened between them. However, Kikyou is still left in her own personal, gloomy winter. She and Inu Yasha never got the chance to resolve their own broken love.

    In the movie, the moths are actually associated with the villain of the story. However, I decided to take them out of the film's context and use them as both an omen and a symbol for broken dreams and emotions.

    What you are hearing in this video are 3 different songs spun into one story. Originally, there was a 4th song and segement ( "Meet me on the Other Side" ) but it was removed because of the complications that arose from having it included. In order for it to have worked "story-wise" with the rest of the video, we would have had to rewrite the beginning of the video, and possibly add in yet a 5th song and segment; and for something that was meant to be practice anyway, that was just too time-consuming and the video project on a whole was growing stale, and other video projects were starting to divert our attention.


    "I remember a song
    From long ago
    Some of the pieces
    They remind me of you
    How could I know
    You were to leave me
    I thought that I was that melody
    Oh so wrong
    I'm but a whisper tonight

    And if this is goodbye
    I will leave
    But I'll love you
    Until the end"

    "I am breathless
    Need I say
    How could you find me here
    You, of all have crossed my way
    Unexpectedly... from where
    I feel like I am dreaming
    Hold me close
    Tomorrow may be gone

    This is a moment
    Of belief
    This is a moment
    Made of dreams
    You found me here today
    On the coldest winter night
    This moment is our right

    Now, Helena tell me all
    For years we've been apart
    Did you hear the mountain fall broken heart
    Don't wake me if I'm dreaming
    Hush my dear
    Because tomorrow may be gone

    Lost in the present
    I assure
    This is the moment
    Say no more
    You found me here today
    On the coldest winter night
    This moment is our right

    This is a moment
    Of belief
    This is a moment
    Made of dreams
    You found me here today
    On the coldest winter night
    This moment is our right"

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