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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Ace Combat Zero Trailer #2
  • Premiered: 2004-09-04
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    • Ace Combat 5 Trailer 1
    • Ace Combat 5 Trailer 2
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  • Comments: I said i'd do it, and i did :P This is a the second trailer for Ace Combat Zero. Ace Combat Zero is a cross between Macross Zero and Ace Combat 5. you can find the first trailer at:

    this video took me about 9-10hours to make. The first thing i did was edit the audio. the original audio had two parts in it that i really didn't like cause to me they didn't make sense. Maybe after the game is released i'll understand, either way, i edited the audio. I also added very last vocal "i'm ot gona lose another flight lead..." from the first trailer. when i made the first ACZ trailer, i didn't leave that part in, and i wish i had, but because i was going to make this one, it didn't matter. So that is one thing i added. If you can notice where i made the cuts, um don't tell anyone >.> Also, when making the video i made sure not to use video from the first one, with some exceptions. You'll see them. The reason some footage is from the first one is because well, the parts i did use weren't used for any major part of the trailer and were mostly just filler. :P anyway, it worked out well.

    Ok as for technical details, here is the breakdown...

    00:00 - 00:22 - These are the organizations/groups involved. First there is NAMCO... they made the game and audio. Then there is MACROSS... they of course made the show. And then there is which would be me, the one who combined the two and made this trailer and the one before. All the logos and text here was done in illistrator so they are vectored.

    00:31 - 00:40 - This is the first lipsync scene. You may not notice them, but there is a reason i clicked "Digital Effects". cause well guess what, if you lipsync normaly, the sky on the right will skip back and forth. i had to run through after effects and do some masking.

    00:48 - 00:52 - This is the third lipsync. the second wasn't any special... Again, i ran this scene through after effects to mask out the part i was lipsyncing to the water on the left wouldn't skip.

    01:24 - 01:25 - This is the final lipsync, again, i have to do some masking here in the uper right hand corner so that the sky wouldn't skip around.

    02:11 - 02:17 - This is the same Vector picture i made in Illistrator for the first trailer. i still think i did an awesome job with that one.

    02:22 - 02:28 - "October 2004"? why did i chose that? well, there is a reason to my madness. Ace Combat 5 comes out (acording to Oct 25. Also! Macross Zero episde 5 (hmm interesting coincidence?) comes out oct. 22nd according to so it was only natural to use October 2004 as the date :P The next two URLs are for the respective website of Ace Combat 5 and Macross Zero. Not only was this trailer for fun, but also to get people interested in both of these. If you've never seen or heard of these before, i strongly urge you to check them out :P

    Last comments:
    Hmm well, i think thats about it. I hope you enjoy it,.

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