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  • Member: themaan
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Memories In The Mirror
  • Premiered: 2004-09-03
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    • John Frusciante Murderers
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  • Comments: This video is my first attempt at an actualy story. Heh, most of my videos have been either mood pieces or stories by a stretch. But I actually managed to wip myslef into shape and plan this puppy out. I think I did a pretty good job at that if you ask me.

    Memories In The Mirror came from my desire to make a video with the DVD i bought at my first convention, CNAnime. I had finally gotten around the buying Evangelion Platinum wich I had been waiting and waiting to afford. It was a lot cheaper at the convention so I decided that was the time to buy. The footage definitely looks a lot cleaner. It's very impressive. But the problem was, the two movies just don't look as impressive. So I struggled to make them look okay when compared to the newly remastered TV series.

    As far as the encode goes, It's definitely my best looking video to date. I tried out a few more filters, including different types of blends and sharpening filters. It definitely cleaned up the movies and made the remastered TV series look even better!

    I first heard this song at a friends house. I was very impressed by the song and it instantly reminded me of Shinji. I thought right then at my friends house, I must make a Shinji character profile with this song. So I borrowed my friends CD after much persuasion (he really likes the CD) and started rippin everything.

    I'm very happy with the way the video turned out and I hope you enjoy it! I just want to give a big thanks to greenjinjo for beta testing this video and suggesting a few things that really improved the video! Well, have fun, and as they always say, opinions are very very welcome!

    2nd Place In Drama/Serious at the Seele Council AMV Contest Extravaganza Winter 2004
    Finalist in Action (although I feel it should have been in Drama) at Anime Destiny 2004
    3rd Place in Audience Choice at GeneStarwind21122's OutlawAnimeClub AMV Contest

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