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  • Member: Galveila
  • Title: A Princess Problem
  • Premiered: 2004-09-03
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    • Aqua My Oh My
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  • Comments: This video is a portrait of Amelia Will Tesla Saillune.
    How can we talk about Amelia without mentioning her strong relationship with her father Philionell and her love for Zelgadiss?
    This is what I've tried to do.
    The story telled by this video is:
    Amelia is the princess of a country (Saillune, obviously) and wants to rule it with her father, but Prince Phil has to go away from her, so she's in trouble.
    In the "If you were my king..." part Amelia is saying that without her father she wants to rule her country with Zelgadiss and become queen if he becomes king
    A bit complicated, isn't it ^__^?

    Please, leave me a comment!!

    Please, please ^__^

    p.s: I've received a lot of comments about it, so I'd like to point out:
    I'm NOT trying to pair Amelia with her FATHER :D . Eww!

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