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  • Member: Shinigami_Tenshi
  • Studio: Baka Elite Productions
  • Title: Gravitation - 8 Mile Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-09-01
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  • Song:
    • Eminem Lose Yourself
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Once again insane crazy idea came to me when I was watching my 8 Mile DVD and then started mucking around with my sister about Shuichi playing the part of Eminem and boom the trailer was born.

    Unfortunatly the dialogue in the trailer didnt work with Gravitation so I went back to my trusty dvd and grabbed the Lose Yourself single that came with it and ripped both the vocal and instrumental tracks and recreated the trailer music from scratch and put the vocals from the series in to make it more of the trailer style element. Then since they are talkin in Japanese in come subtitle time yay but since my Japanese isnt fully up to standard I had to use the original subtitle dialog from the subbers and once again After Effects had to be used *sigh* still cant fully work out that program but at least they fitted into the clip without too much hassle.

    Ok now for the downsides of the clip always the best part:
    1) I had to use fan subs so the quality is pretty bad
    2) DivX hates me atm and refuses to encode so its some kinda of DivX codec just no 5.02

    Now thats all said and done *points to the button* geeet it you know you wanna XD

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