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  • Member: AbaddonAMV
  • Studio: Abaddon Studios
  • Title: In the End of Evangelion
  • Premiered: 2001-12-11
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: *edit* Please look at the premiere date of this vid before you give me a low originality score ^__^

    First off, I want to say I know what you might be thinking, another newbie Linkin Park vid; this probably isn't even worth checking out. Let me assure you, I had the idea for this vid before I even came to or seen many AMV's. I've been saving it because Evangelion is my favorite series by far and I wanted to have some experience under my belt to make sure I could make a good vid before I used it. After the success of my last vid, "Must Be the Woolongs", I felt confident enough to tackle this project.
    I think the lyrics of the song are extremely relatable to Eva. You'll find that the tone is much more serious than my last vid, there is a tiny bit of lip syncing where I felt it appropriate and some light digital effects (transparencies and such).
    I think you'll find the scene selection in this vid is very well done. Every scene was chosen for either lyric matches, artistic reasons, or thematic reasons. One person said that there are too many end scenes but I don't think this is true at all, you'll notice that almost all of the "end scenes" are used only in the chorus, which I did to lend a thematic feel to the chorus and give the video some solidarity. And lyrically what better choice would I have for the chorus of this song? = )
    The lip syncing in this vid is very light, the main scene that it is used in adds a lot of intensity and emotional content that parallels the series (at least for me), I hope other people can catch that feeling as well.
    In my opinion this is my best work so far, so please check out the vid and leave an opinion!

    8/7/02 From the opinions I've gotten, basically it seems like the only problem people have with this vid is the chorus, and I tend to agree. Since this is by far my most popular vid, I've decided to remake it from the ground up. Alot of the footage will be the same, alot will be changed. The choruses will all be totally redone and I have some ideas for them that I think will help convey even more emotion. Oh, and the video quality will be better (there were some parts that were choppy because of an encoding error I made the first time around). Anyways look for In the End of Evangelion REMASTERED EDITION soon.*edit* ok maybe not soon... at some point in my life.

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