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  • Member: MangaPunkSai
  • Title: "Finale"
  • Premiered: 2004-08-30
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    • Kill Bill Soundtrack Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
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  • Comments: This is a simple video I've been dying to make for a while.

    I always wanted to do a video of the more ignored or even misunderstood part of Cowboy Bebop, the whole situation with the Syndicate, moreover Spike's past and the situation with Julia and Vicious. Though instead of explaining the whole thing, I seemed to end up simply reinforcing it, and focusing much more on Spike and Julia than I intended to, but I like the result.

    Originally this video was conceived a long time ago to the song "Green Bird" from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. That didn't sit well with me, using music from the series in a video, but I didn't have any other ideas for song at the time. But due to some file corruption it never got made at the time.

    Fast forward, I see Kill Bill 1 in the theartres and get the song "My Baby Shot Me Down" stuck in my head. Eventually it occurs to me that this song would be perfect for my old idea. And so here it is. I only captured the footage and started working on it last night. I didn't expect to finish it this fast, but I guess due to the fact the idea was pretty solid in my head and I hadn't done a video in a long while it was kind of building up.

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