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  • Member: Kurai Seraphim
  • Studio: Kurai Seraphim Productions
  • Title: Canadian Pride
  • Premiered: 2004-05-26
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    • Ren and Stimpy Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
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  • Comments: Behold as I once again shamelessly prove I'm only good at making Ren and Stimpy-related videos. I have other videos. I like many of them more than this one and still consider the Forsaken Love video superior to the rest, though I guess thats because I think it deserved more credit than it actually got.

    Anywho, this video was made for Animazement 2004. If you went into the art room, you probably saw me sitting in the back making sure people understood that their eyes, unlike those of certain characters in the Beetlejuice movie, are not in fact on their fingers. I was also standing guard in the hall and preventing access to the phones and elevators while cosplay was going on, so feel free to shoot me the bird if I turned you away. Staff status is good for you.

    It was one of the four or so videos to meet the unfortunate fate of the dying DVD player, so you didn't actually get to see it at the contest. You did, however, get to see it after the winners if you went to the Cosplay on Saturday night. The crowd liked it, which is good enough for me.

    Given its about Canada, I sent it to Anime Evolution too. Thats why it took me a few months to put it online.

    I had to edit practically everything in some way, shape, or form. Mostly little things, like putting Bones from Haunted Junction on Wolfwood's motorcycle or any of the dozens of other composites done entirely with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. I'm sure theres an easier way to do these things than transparencying the individual frames, but I've yet to find it and I'm not going to buy After Effects with its icky price tag anytime soon.

    Originally I was going to have a karaoke effect with the Neo Canadian Lumber Gundam from G-Gundam bouncing on the words, but I decided against it once I got to the magazine cover (which already had a great deal of text on it). Speaking of said cover, I can put up a jpg of the file for your downloading pleasure if theres anything resembling a demand for it. Same applies to King Gendo's throneroom. And yes, he IS wearing a Burger King crown. A Lord of the Rings Burger King crown, to be precise.

    I'm tempted to do more with my established "Gendo Ikari has taken over Canada" storyline in future videos, though it'll really depend on how well this video is received by the you peoples. If I don't see a decent number of downloads, I won't bother making more as I'd only confuse a wider audience.

    Anywho, please leave comments if you have any. Don't hold back on the criticisms, as thats the only way I'll learn. As a college student, I get maybe one to two amvs out a year, so I try to learn as much as possible with every video.

    Videos are hosted off of my PC. I don't use the donut because I don't like forcing people to register if they just want to download a file. As I am running it off of my PC, there will be times when you might run into trouble downloading. My connection can die, I can have thinly spread bandwidth, and theres always the possibility that my university will get pissed and firewall me. If you have trouble or an abnormally weak download speed, try again after a few hours. If said problem persists, e-mail me and I'll let you know why if I don't fix it myself.

    Two files to choose from. One is vastly smaller than the other. I'd like to think they compressed rather well, but some people just like abnormally large files for some reason, so I put up the convention quality file too.

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