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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: Spice Senshi
  • Premiered: 2000-04-27
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  • Song:
    • Spice Girls Holler
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  • Comments: When I decided to start this video I had two things in mind:

    1) to make a Sailormoon video

    2) to make a video full of digital effects

    The only thing that was missing was the music ^^;

    I have chosen "Holler" because it's quite a complex song, with a lot of music layers which matched perfectly the kind of video I was planning to do. After choosing the song I then realized that the four Spice girls would have been a great match for the four Senshi (excluding Usagi)... and so I eventually came to this crazy idea of making each Senshi to sing as one of the Spice.
    As you can see in the beginning of the video, I have done it by making the assignments Makoto/Mel B, Minako/Mel C, Ami/Emma and Rei/Victoria.

    However, as the song developed, it has been really hard to stay with these assignments... mainly because of the lot of choruses and all this kind of stuff. So, don't watch the video with that idea strictly enforced in in your mind, please ^^;

    As I said, I have experimented a lot with digital effects in this video. Different layers in the music match with different layers in the images, while I tried to make all perfectly timed. That was an hard task, because inserting all that layers without confusing the images required a lot of study and filtering on the clips.

    Another noticeable thing is that, because of my initial idea, I tried to make the Senshi to "sing" as much as possible... and it translated into a lot of lip syncs.
    Some of them are very good, some other are just ok (one just sucks, but don't tell around :p).

    Finally, the lyrics were a bit hard to match, but I tried to remain close to them as much as possible (especially using the words to create some little puns ^_^)

    I have to say that I put a lot of effort in the making of this video (probably something like 100+ hours of work), even if I started the thing as an "exercise" ^^;

    Anyway, I just hope that you will like it :)

    This video has won the "Judges Choice Award" at Sakura Con 2001

    - Marco

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