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  • Member: Scintilla
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Rock Me Hideaki!
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • FALCO Rock Me Amadeus
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  • Comments: Update, 10/14/04: Comparison screencaps are up. Scroll down to the technical section. :)


    What They Say:

    "ROCK ON, MAN!" - angelx03
    "You've aroused me." - AMVfreak
    "Finally someone's fond of other German songs than this Rammstein-crap" - JCD


    What I Say:

    This is probably the lowest-scale release I'll ever make. At just 1:07 (including the credits), it's certainly my shortest.
    I don't expect it to win any conventions or anything; I basically just did it for to have fun.

    This video's concept is two-fold.

    Firstly (and more obviously), it's meant to be a fun, upbeat tribute to everyone's favorite narcissist, Hideaki Asaba. (No, the title does NOT refer to Hideaki Anno!)

    Secondly, it's meant as a tribute to (/parody of?) a well-known AMV by Grungetta of More Than Toast Productions, "Macho Macho Vash" (I know that's not what it says on its info page, but that's what it says on the title card :P ). Hence the title card that fades in while the song fades in even slower in the middle, the fade out after the first chorus, and the song coming back for the ending credits.

    A good deal of this video is actually lyric-synched; however, I don't like how this video looks with bilingual (or just English) subtitles -- I think they're a little too distracting. So, I'm providing the lyrics here, along with an English translation by Kai Stromler, so that those of you who don't speak German (like me) won't be completely lost as to what's going on. :)


    Original German lyrics:
    Rock it up, Bob, to the top

    Er war ein Punker und er lebte in der grossen Stadt
    Es war in Wien, war Vienna, wo er alles tat
    Er hatte Schulden, denn er trank
    Doch ihn liebten alle Frauen
    Und jede rief: Come and rock me Amadeus

    Er war Superstar, er war populär
    Er war so exaltiert, because er hatte Flair
    Er war ein Virtuose, war ein Rockidol
    Und alles rief: Come and rock me Amadeus

    Amadeus, Amadeus, etc.

    English translation:
    Rock it up, Bob, to the top

    He was a punker, lived in the capital
    It was Vienna, yeah Vienna, where he did it all
    He drank his rent dry
    But all the girls still loved him
    And everybody say: Come and rock me Amadeus

    He was a superstar, he was popular
    He was so exalted, because he had flair
    He was a virtuoso, was a rock idol
    And everybody say: Come and rock me Amadeus

    Amadeus, Amadeus, etc.


    If anyone wants a version with subtitles, (1) I'll be very surprised, and (2) contact me and I can make one available.

    This video also features the most involved filtering job I've ever done, and it shows. TRSI's R1 release of Kare Kano is quite lacking in the video quality department, featuring:
    - Scenes that won't inverse telecine nicely
    - Rampant frame blending
    - GAINAX jitter
    - Grainy noise
    - Rainbowing
    - Some dot crawl

    Here are some screencaps illustrating the difference between the DVD footage and my video:
    Screencap 1 - note the graininess on the wall and the rainbowing on Kano and Pero Pero
    Screencap 2 - note how dull the whites are on the DVD
    Screencap 3 - more general smoothing and de-rainbowing, and there's a tiny bit of dot crawl as well
    Screencap 4 - general compresison noise, and have I mentioned that I love my de-rainbowing script?
    Screencap 5 - clearest example of the kind of rainbowing that's on these discs

    Filters used for preprocessing: Decomb, Deen, VagueDenoiser, FluxSmooth, my derainbowing script (Edit: link was dead, and this derainbower has since been superseded)
    Filters used for postprocessing: TomsMoComp, mftoon, Tweak (and lots of it), TemporalCleaner

    Thanks to Trythil for helping me out with my derainbowing script, and to Cyanna (as always) for beta viewing and advice. :)


    Update, 10/10/04: The links are up!
    The LOCAL link is an XviD AVI (DivX5-compatible), 512x384.
    The DIRECT link is an MPEG-1, 352x240.
    I recommend you get the local version if you can. :)

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