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  • Member: themaan
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Overloader a.k.a Techno Bass Booster
  • Premiered: 2004-08-25
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    • Hive Ultrasonic sound
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  • Comments: When looking for a new video to do after completing Blue Skies (Shine) I stumbled upon this song while looking through my older cds. I found this one on the original Matrix Soundtrack wich I had definitely not listened to for a while. The reason I ended up even listening to this song was because of it's name. I completely judged a book by it's cover and slipped the cd into my stereo. As soon as I heard the main guitar riff (the very heavy one) I instantly had the idea of the video moving back and forth really fast timed to the riff.

    I started this video one night when I was very tired and felt very lazy. So instead of the video moving forward and backward, I took the easy way out and made it just move forward. The next morning, when I woke nice and rested to work on the video. I decided that I wanted to actually try. So I created the effect as I originally had planned. It looked like crap. And it took hours to achieve because I was only using Premiere. You see, I hadn't learned how to use After Effects effectively when I had first started so I had to use Premiere to make the effect so it ended up being a lot more complicated. Maybe that is why it didn't turn out to well. So I ended up reverting back to the original effect I had done (where it just moved forward) only to discover that it looked amazing compared to the other one!

    For a long time, I've really wanted to make a video that could be listed as various. I like the idea of having way to many clips to work from and being able to include everything you want. Since there are so many animes, there are so many great shots, effects, etc. to work with. This ended up taking a serious toll on my computer. I had about a gig or two left on the computer so it was running incredibely slow (and it's a laptop, so it's pretty slow anyway) and that was with just the low quality editing files. I ended up having to delete half of my AMV collection just to fit the high quality versions and the final encode on my computer. Not to mention the huffy I run through VirtualDUB. Well, it's all in the name of quality. And it payed off too, I've got a pretty great encode here, I'm sure all you quality buffs (just like me) will be happy with the result.

    Oh, and keep in mind, that at the beginning, the guy is supposed to be jittering around. It's to make him look more robotic. I thought it added to the feel of the entire video. I think that's about all there is to say. Have fun and enjoy the video!

    Best Use of Effects and 2nd Place in Action at the Seele Council AMV Contest Extravaganza Winter 2004

    ----- added Sunday, August 28, 2005 -----

    2nd Place in Action at the CNAnime 2005 AMV Competition

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