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  • Member: JimbotheMighty
  • Studio: Anjexus Productions
  • Title: Rock Lee: Hardwork Surpasses Genius
  • Premiered: 2004-08-23
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    • Final Fantasy X Blitzball Arena Rock
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  • Comments: This is my newest AMV, an action, character profile on Rock Lee, my all time favourite character in the whole of Naruto.

    His words…
    “I will surpass a Genius with hardwork.”
    …have stuck with me ever since I first read them, and have seen me through my past year of education. This teaching has formed the entirety of my own Nindo (way of the Ninja) and will, I dare say, for my whole life. I am not a genius, and those words make me happy. I work hard, and those words have meaning.

    Once again, I used Windows Movie Maker II, and once again it crashed a lot. But here again is the finished version. If you enjoyed this, please also take a further look at the rest of my work.

    - Sasuke's Torment ( Member: JimbotheMighty )

    And give me some feedback if you have the time :)

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