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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Projekt Oktober
  • Premiered: 2004-08-21
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    • Basil Poledouris Hunt for Red October [Movie OST]
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    Nominee, 2005 Viewers' Choice Awards
    Winner, Anime Vegas AMV contest [Drama]

    Hey, the site has been up for YEARS, plus "The Silent Service" is a pretty OLD series, but MASAKA - NOBODY has made and AMV to this series yet?!?

    Historical notes:

    A tribute to Captain Jonas Pleksys, the -REAL- submariner and defector from the Soviet Navy, and the basis for the fictional character Marko Ramius of the book/movie "The Hunt for Red October." The intensity of his schemes, and the secrecy and levels of real-life deception orchestrated by this man in his escape (including concocting huge wedding plans upon his return from the mission wherein he actually jumped ship - leaving a hopeful bride standing at the altar) easily exceed the fictional works. He was 26.

    Also in this year (May) 2004 Lithuania joined NATO and also the European Union, after having survived decades of Soviet terror.

    AMV notes:

    I tried to match the pace of the music and keep the action pounding throughout. I also tried to depend as little as possible on pyrotechnic digital effects, and cobble this one together "the old fashioned way." Source anime was medium quality, and I used a couple of passes of smooth, sharpen, and Warp-Sharp in Virtual Dub to make crisp images. Unfortuneately, in a couple of places, such as when subs were moving like shadows in cloudy water, these filters got a little checker-y. My bad. If anyone has hints on this , PM me.

    Music is a compilation of four tracks off the "Hunt for Red October" OST: "Course two-Five-Zero," "Chopper," "Nuclear Scam," and "The Hymn to Red October" (aka Main Title.)

    I hand-composited two scenes using levels of Photoshop drawings in After Effects: the second sub fading in and coming hard to port from astern, and the pair of torpedo wakes running (for 14/30th sec) sandwiched between a moving ocean background and a duplicate at 50% opacity.

    Enjoy, then use the Web later, discover Capt. Jonas Pleksys and his incredible journey.

    Encoded in DixV 5.05 in tribute KM U-505, the German U-boat captured by US forces in 1942. Incidentally, one of the USN crew to board the sub and save the Enigma machine aboard was also a Lithuanian-American (Zenon Lukosius.)

    PS: One final note on the last frame: I "borrowed" Teletha Testarossa (Full Metal Panic) and a sub commander in her own series. She is holding a Lithuanian flag and a NATO flag, and also some rue (ruta graveolens,) the national flower of Lithuania. Now, believe it or not but there is an eye color UNIQUE to Lithuanians,(and I 'adjusted' the color to match.) How do I know this - I married one. In 1940 about 1/4 of them were arrested by family name, and sent off to Siberia in 'Stolypin' train cars. This was for-real, not DBZ or Yu-Gi-Oh.

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