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  • Member: CerebralAssamite
  • Title: DeathMetal Compilation
  • Premiered: 2004-08-20
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  • Songs:
    • Cannibal Corpse Innards Decay
    • Six Feet Under Feasting on the blood of the insane
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  • Comments: Id like to apologise firstly for the quality of this amv, it should be a hell of a lot better but the mpeg2 version of it is 115Mg, i am unable to compress it down to 100Mgs, if i get a server to host it I will supply a link, so untill then here is the mpeg1 version.

    Well it all began when I had realised I had no ideas on how to complete an amv I was creating; this is the SamuraiX and Cannibal Corpse Song Innards Decay. I tried about 5 different techniques and nothing seemed to work for me, so I decided to stop working on it. Funny thing was I had already created the video about 3 minutes into it.

    After watching the Hellsing series (for like the 20th time, im a huge vampire fan) I was
    sure I could create a really good Hellsing amv, after listening to what was on my mp3
    play list I shook my head and realised I needed a really good song about vampires. I found a song in my collection Six Feet Under's, Feasting on the Blood of the Insane. I went YES! Now the title works lets listen to it.

    It came off well the vocals at the beginning of the video are as follows...

    In the dark of the night i search for the mindless wretches of society...
    To drink of their blood and to feast upon their... FLESH!!!!

    Now I know the song revolves around Zombies and the Undead, but come on how much closer can those lyrics be to a vampire manga! Especially when Alucard does exactly that! (Well ok so he doesnít feast upon their flesh but he does do the whole blood thing :P)

    After the excitement of the song itself died down I got to work on it straight away and then once again after about another minute into it... It went down hill, the video I had just
    didnít work with the music, I tried it all, I even prostituted the Ulead Video Studio effects on my video, I WAS DESPERITE!

    So I looked at my videos and went hey why not make a compilation of these videos a short intro and that will be that, so here you have it, the compilation of the Cerebral Assamite.

    Well while working on the last video to be compiled in this collection, I saw a good oportuinity to complete it, so I shall it will not be part of this compilation instead in a few weeks (hopefully) it will be released. (more details shortly)

    Any comments or whatever if you wanna contact me.
    Also any ideas on how to compress my mpeg2 file to 100Mg would be appreciated.
    I used winzip (did nothing)
    Winace (most it could compress is to 107Mg)
    winace to tar the file (did nothing)

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