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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Why are you running, Kikyou?
  • Premiered: 2004-08-16
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    • Hoobastank Running away
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  • Comments: I'm back from camp... well a month without a comp to make vids... i couldn't have that, so i took the time to think of ideas. I have my next vid completely planned out.. but it isn't this one. i need my dvds back from my friend before i can make that vid.. this vid - i got this song yesterday, fell in love wit it.. and suddenly i realized it fits relle well with yasha and kikyou - so here i am, making a yasha/kikyou vid.. i dun believe i am but i am and i like the way it turned out. it was fun to make (except that movie maker kept bein retarded n i had to restart my comp n redownload some codecs just so this wuld save! man... anyways...) but this isnt a happy love vid.. for yasha n kikyou thats impossible.. this is just another one about how their relationship didnt relle work heh.. i think the footage quality is pretty good in it.. better than my dvd quality anyway... as weird as it sounds and some parts from mai dvds r in the vid too if anyone wants to compare my dvd footage to downloaded footage.. lol. ok i dunno wats up wit the DivX logo.. i relle thot i got rid of it wen i got rid of the subs, it shulda only shown up in the parts that were ripped from the dvds.. i dunno why its there during almost the whole friggin vid cause i didnt even use the DivX codec, i used the XviD codec, which didnt have a logo last time i checked.. *shrugs* its almost like windows movie maker added it or something.. a lil weird but ok... deal wit it.. lol sori. and there is a tiny bit of lip sync... i think all of it is at the begginin of the vid for "I don't want you to give it all up" except "want you" isnt actually synced, only "I don't" and "to give it all up" i was too lazy 2 fix it.. and i dun think there is any more lip sync. so hope whoever gets this likes and....


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