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  • Member: dussydelf
  • Title: French Ironchef VII
  • Premiered: 2004-08-14
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    • Bomfunk Mc's Sky's the limit
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  • Comments: This is my entry to the 7th French Online IronChef. It was my first time competing, and it was at the same time fun and tiring.
    The music was announced at 19:00 GMT (I live in the UK so I won't use the French time zone, even if the rules say it is 20:00, I'll say 19:00)
    We had 24 hours to deliver an AMV to this song. I liked this song: what a relief! I decided to use Interstella5555 because of the lyrics "sky is the limit" and the "sci-fi" feeling that this kind of music gives me.
    The first three and a half hours were spent ripping the DVD (I had forgotten to prepare a working version, I only had the high-quality version that is slowing premiere too much. Stoopid me)
    The next 6 hours were a mix of editing and chatting on irc with the other contestants. That was a very nice moment. Long, but nice.
    Then 4 hours of sleep, and as I still liked what I had edited (sometimes after a good night's sleep I'm really ashamed of the work I did the previous day), I encoded it and started the upload. With a 56k modem, the challenge was to have it online in time for the deadline!
    Other participants were: Beppe, Dark-Krystal, JCD, Maverick7013, olw, Rikku and Wünjo.
    Check out their videos!

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